Millennium Support & Care Group recruits volunteers on an ongoing basis. Volunteers contribute to the planning and administration of programs in our office as well as hands-on to interact with seniors in various residence homes and community centres. Millennium Support provides training, police check assistance and feedback to all volunteers. MSCG will gladly give references to dedicated volunteers. There are currently no job openings at Millennium Support & Care Group. If you are interested in volunteering with Millennium Support & Care Group, please email to mscg@mail.com


Positions available


1. Summer Internship

2. Fundraiser

3. Research and Grant Proposal Writing

4. Social media and marketing assistant




MSCG's mission is to improve the lives and health of seniors, people with disabilities and those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's by implementing a variety of programs that improve the health and wellness of seniors. Our objective is to reduce isolation and increase physical and mental activity amongst seniors. Our goals are to alleviate feelings of isolation which are often felt in the socially neglected communities by organizing activities such as congregate dining, friendly visiting, and other social and recreational events.

Millennium Support & Care Group

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