With the cost of living increasing, many seniors are not equipped to care for themselves or engage in activities normally seen in retirement. At Millennium Support and Care Group, we develop programs to encourage and engage seniors in their community, as well as providing essential information on prevention and care for an array of illnesses commonly affecting seniors. Our programs on health and wellness can only happen with the support of our volunteers, partners and sponsors.


Seniors in Toronto are the most vulnerable sector of our community and the aging population is often neglected in our fast paced society. According to the statistics from the City of Toronto, the senior population will steadily increase in the GTA over the next 20 years, thereby putting more stress on government programs and increase potential isolation amongst seniors. Our initiatives will provide seniors with enjoyable social and recreational activities.


Millennium support and care group has many plans with our retirement communities but we can not succeed without your help. We currently are seeking partners and donors to aid in these recreational and informative programs. Being a non-profit organization, Millennium Support and Care Group depends on the generosity of private donors and corporations to continue the viability of these programs. In return for your contribution, we will link your organization’s website to ours and give your organization special acknowledgment in our upcoming newsletters. Tax deductible receipt for donations over $25.00 are available upon request. A safe and efficient donation can be made online on our page at If you would like to donate or require any additional information regarding a partnership with Millennium Support and Care group, please feel free to contact us.




MSCG's mission is to improve the lives and health of seniors, people with disabilities and those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's by implementing a variety of programs that improve the health and wellness of seniors. Our objective is to reduce isolation and increase physical and mental activity amongst seniors. Our goals are to alleviate feelings of isolation which are often felt in the socially neglected communities by organizing activities such as congregate dining, friendly visiting, and other social and recreational events.

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